Laundry Dragon

SDX60-13 | SDX60-16

  • Water flow meter can precisely control water supply for each compartment, and conductivity rate is monitored timely. 
  • Bus-manifolds is adopted for pneumatic system. 
  • Rinse can be done in individual or combination so that washing quality is increased.
  • There is no risk of blockage as bottom transfer is adopted.
  • Two tanks for water recovery.  Lint filter installed.
  • It has the function of color changing that colored linen can be washed simply.
  • Over-flow device is installed on the outer drum to control foam and lint. 
  • Managed by color touch screen controller with Chinese display.  The whole process is monitored, including:
100 washing programs,  Additive amount of washing detergents and chemicals ,  Temperature monitoring,  Water flow,  Water change during washing,  Washing time / Cycle time,  Transferrence of customers codes from press to dryers.

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